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MVP Fundraising Discount Cards...
The Best Fundraiser Cards for Your School or Sports Team!

Looking for a great fundraising idea your community can REALLY get excited about buying? How about one where they can save money all year on purchases they make everyday?

The MVP Fundraising Card is a plastic, credit card style discount fundraising card program with great offers from merchants in your area that can be used again and again for an entire year. Local and corporate merchants offer great discounts that provide values everyone can appreciate.

Forget the hassles of handling perishable items or selling overpriced products no one really wants. In today's economy, a great value is what people are looking for in a community fundraiser...and that's the MVP Fundraising discount card.

The MVP Fundraising Card is the best school fundraiser, sports fundraiser, church fundraiser Calculate Your Profitor group fundraiser where everyone wins: You earn high profits with an easy sale, buyer's save big bucks and local merchants get more business!

View the complete line of MVP Fundraising Discount Cards to get started earning money!

Benefits of the MVP Discount Fundraising Card Program:

  • High Fundraising Profits
    Up to 70%!
  • Easy to Sell
    Non-perishable items everyone can use!
  • Great Value
    Buyers save money daily,
    for one year!
  • Supports Local Merchants
    Discounts bring in customers!
  • Four Card Options
    Pick one that works for you!
  • Durable
    Plastic "credit card style" for long-lasting use!
  • Attractive
    Full color on both sides!
  • Customized
    Add your own colors, logos, photos and schedules!
  • Repeat Sales
    Customers will purchase year after year!
  • Low Risk
    Some unsold cards can be returned!
  • FREE Bonus Cards
    Get 10 cards for every 100 sold!
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