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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a minimum order?
  Yes. Due to the time involved in securing your merchants, we require a minimum order. View our Fundraising Discount Card link to view the minimum order for each card option.
2. How much profit do we make?
  Profit depends on the card option you chose, sale price of your card and the quantity ordered. See our Profit Calculator to determine how much your group can make.
3. Do we have to pay up front?
  We require a $500 deposit to begin securing merchants. This deposit is applied to your final invoice and can be paid by check or credit card. If you should cancel the order at anytime, this deposit is not refundable. If we have difficulty with merchants agreeing to participate and we have to cancel your card, your deposit will be refunded.
4. When do we pay for the cards?
  We give you a full 30 days from the start of your campaign to pay for your fundraising cards.
5. Can we return any unsold cards?
  Yes. We allow groups to return up to 25% of cards ordered at a return charge of 50ยข per card as long as the cards are returned within 30 days from the start of your sale.
6. Can we order more cards if we sell out?
  Yes. If you need more cards we can reprint your order in minimums of 100 cards. This typically takes 5-7 business days to produce, so plan accordingly. There are no returns on reorders unless a written approval is provided.
7. How long does it take to receive our cards?
  Shipping of your cards typically takes six weeks from the time we have your signed agreement and completed Merchant Wish List form. Sometimes the cards take less time or more time, it all depends on the participation of the merchants in your area.
Check out our Get Started link and see how easy it is to begin the process today!
1. Who gets the merchants on the cards?
  We make producing a fundraising card easy by securing all the merchants for your card. We require only that you provide us with a completed Merchant Wish List so we know the available merchants in your area.
2. How many offers fit on a card?
  We have 9, 15 and 20 merchant fundraising cards. The number of merchants you choose should be determined on the size of your community and the selling price you desire. Of course, more merchants means a higher value card and a higher selling price...and that equates to great profits for you! View our Fundraising Discount Card link to view the minimum order for each card option.
3. What happens if we don't like a merchant/offer?
  Our goal is to produce a card you are completely happy with. Our merchant specialists are trained to get the best offers possible from quality merchants. If you have issues with a merchant we've secured, we work with you to replace that merchant to your satisfaction. While we reserve the right to determine final merchants, our goal is that you are 100% satisfied with your merchants/offers.
4. Can more than one location, such as a Burger King, be listed on the card?
  Yes. We will coordinate with the multiple locations of the merchant when we build the card.
5. How long do the discounts last?
  The cards are valid for one entire year. Offers are continuous use, which means they can be used by one person, per card, per visit. That means an offer can be used every day for one entire year!.
6. Do we get to see the card before it goes to print?
  Yes. We send you a proof of the card after we have secured al of the merchants. We do not print without your approval of both the front and back of your card. We also send proofs to merchants so they have a final chance to review and approve their offer.