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MVP Fundraising Terms

We require a $500 deposit to begin securing merchants. This deposit is applied to your final invoice and can be paid by check or credit card. We allow your group a full four weeks (30 days) to sell your cards before payment is due.

If we cannot fill your card due to non-participation by merchants, there is no charge to you and your deposit will be refunded. IF YOU CANCEL ANYTIME AFTER WE BEGIN SECURING MERCHANTS, YOUR DEPOSIT IS NOT REFUNDABLE.

Final pricing of your fundraising cards are based on cards SOLD, not cards ordered. If you return any cards and you fall into a lower profit level, your final invoice will reflect that final per card rate (see profit chart levels). You are shipped 10 FREE cards for every 100 cards ordered. If you return cards, the applicable free bonus cards are also to be returned at the end of your sale.

Up to 25% of total cards ordered may be returned. Unreturned cards will be billed at the unit profit level (see profit level charts). An additional charge of .50 per returned card will be applied to your final invoice. Returns (less .50 return charges) are credited to the group's final invoice provided cards are returned within 30 days of the campaign start date. Returns are to be shipped to MVP Fundraising Cards at group's expense.

Group orders 751 cards, selling for $10 each
75 FREE bonus cards shipped
60% profit level, group earns $6.00 per card
Group pays $4.00 per card


Group sells 535 cards
Group earned 53 FREE Cards
Profit level is now 55%, group earns $5.50 per card
Group pays $4.50 per card
176 cards are returned at a charge of .50 per card
17 of bonus free cards must be returned

One of our representatives will contact you before the four week sale time is complete to remind you that your payment is due and to see if you have any cards you would like to return. A final invoice will be sent to you for payment.

A valid credit card is required at the time of order before we can begin securing merchants for your card.

Your credit card will not be billed until the final invoice is received at the end of your sale. At that time, your group will have the opportunity to pay by check, or, have the fundraising cards billed to your credit card. If you decide to pay by check, your credit card information will be held until the check clears our account. If your group fails to pay or return any cards, the full amount invoiced at time of shipment will be charged to your card.

Upon signing our agreement and payment terms form, you will agree that your credit card may be used if you, or your Group/ Organization, does not pay for the cards by check or if your check does not clear. Also, if you, or your Group/Organization, do not return the unsold cards (up to 25% of total order), and/or fail to confirm final invoice total with an MVP Fundraising Card representative by the four week (30 calendar days) deadline, the full amount of the initial invoice will be charged to this credit card. If you or your Group/Organization cancels for any reason after the cards have been started, your $500 deposit is nonrefundable.

NOTE: If for some unforeseen reason the organization/group neglects to make payment in full, beginning thirty (30) days after payment was due, eight percent (8%) per annum will be charged on the unpaid balance and MVP Fundraising Cards shall be allowed to recover their legal fees, costs and disbursements at collect of the unpaid balance. All disputes over payment and/or any action to enforce the terms herein shall be venued in the State of Minnesota, County of Stearns, Seventh Judicial District.